Want to become a powerful and confident woman?

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated, without a clue where to start? I'll help you achieve clarity and confidence - so that you can live your most peaceful and secure life.


Hey you!

I’m Irvy. I’m an empowerment coach, a cat-mom and a bookworm. My sole focus is to help you become powerful and to achieve your goals.


Being empowered is not about thumping your chest, sticking your nose to the sky, and sneering at all of the peasants below you. No. It's understanding who you are and being unapologetic about it. It's about being at peace with your decisions because you understand your value as a person. It's about not making yourself small or dulling your shine so that others can feel better about their mediocre selves. 

To me empowerment can be summed up as: "Be kind, but take no shit."

All too often women tolerate less than because we've been conditioned to - usually because it ensures we are compliant and submissive. This creates an environment that's ripe for being taken advantage of and a stream of disappointments in all aspects of life. 

I firmly believe every woman has unlimited power in the core of their being - but sometimes that gets suppressed by disappointments, insecurity, and bad actors who don't want you to realize your power - because if you did, their manipulations and abuses wouldn't work. 

When you've been powerless for a long time, you develop a coping (survival mode) approach to life - settling and selling yourself short. Making excuses for other people's misstreatment or bad behaviour because of 'the benefit of the doubt' or because you're just so use to disrespect that you don't even recognize it anymore - despite feeling it's pain fully.

I'm here to help you shift your perspective and assume control so that you can live an authentic and fulfilling life on YOUR TERMS.

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