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Confidence grows as your actions reflect who you truly are and what you want. I knew always knew I was a go-getter, hard working, I believed health to be the most important thing, but my physical reality didn’t reflect this. I was extremely overweight; obese and depressed. It was a vicious cycle of eating like crap, gaining weight, extreme dieting and weight loss, followed up by an even bigger weight gain. I was always starting back at square one. I was always failing.  In this video I describe this in detail, please watch.

Then one day, I had a light bulb-moment I decided that I was going to truly become who I was by listening to my intuition. I was not this fat, lazy, depressed person that I was portraying with my actions and physical appearance.

I am fit, beautiful, optimistic, hard working, go-getter who always follows her heart and takes every risk for love and happiness. My weight loss transformation only reinforced my confidence in these beliefs because every step of the way, these beliefs were reflected in my actions, accomplishments and my body. I realized my true potential with every small accomplishment and milestone that I reached. 120 lbs later, I feel like I am finally the best version of myself so far. I finally feel I know what my true purpose is and that is to help motivate and inspire others to achieve their dreams. My vision is to educate and inspire like-minded people to pursue health and happiness in order to facilitate a better life for themselves and for future generations.

Along with my weight loss coaching, I am launching my own Luxury Organic Wellness Tea called Irvy’s Tea. I’ve always loved tea (I drink it on a daily basis, multiple times) and it’s always been a wish to own my own Organic tea line. My accomplishments with respect to my health and fitness goals have given me the confidence and courage to follow through with launching my own line of Organic Wellness Teas.

I never would have thought that something like losing weight would bring me to a place where I would follow through with my dreams. I guess you can say, I didn’t just lose weight; I found my passion, my purpose, my happiness: I found myself.

I wish the same for you!


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